Friday, February 25, 2011

Hmm. Watch the Oscars or Go Sledding at Twin Peaks?

This is what’s happening in my neck of the woods:

Snow in San Francisco?  I suppose that is website- and Twitter-worthy.  After all, it hasn’t snowed here for 35 years – not since February 5, 1976 to be exact.  So while waiting to see just what happens when the unsettled cold air mass from the Gulf of Alaska arrives, a little helper and I went around my cottage to see what was blooming. 

Bailey, my little helper

The hellebores are always the first ones to delight.  Just when I start to get antsy about getting out in the garden I can count on these to brighten up the grey days - and these are super easy to care for.  

I only have two varieties but will probably add more to my garden since they are so easy – even in shady spots.  I like them best in hanging baskets, since their flowers tend to hang down and you can enjoy them better this way.

blurred photo taken by little helper while giggling
I just discovered clivias several years ago and planted quite a few.  They thrive in full shade and put on the prettiest show in early spring.

I love when these little pansies drop seeds during the summer and surprise me with new plants in the spring. 

Here are my favorites: wild violets.  They arrive before all of my annuals wake up, creating a bed of pretty color.  As everything else grows back around them all spring and summer, they gently fade away, dropping plenty of seed to ensure another show next year.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little ‘walkabout’.  Wherever you are, it won’t be long until you see little signs of spring, too.  As I typed this last sentence, little beads of hail were falling through bright sunshine.  I’m looking forward to a weird and wonderful Oscar weekend - enjoy yours, too!


  1. Beautiful garden! I hope you "weather" the "big" storm! :)

  2. Just gorgeous--I love hellebores, they are my first bloomers too and I see them about mid-March or later. I love your flowers--so pretty. I can’t wait to see if you actually got that snow or not :)
    Hugs, Amy