Friday, August 26, 2011

Pink, Turquoise and Oregano Loving Bees

{As a follow-up to The Great Sunflower Project
I counted one lonely bee on my sunflowers
during the 30 minutes.  
I did, however, observe three happy bees
 on my flowering herbs.
They like oregano very much.}

And as a follow-up to my addiction with Pinterest, I have been able to contain myself by only Pinning once a day after lunch.  These are from my board 'Pink and Turquoise' .  Lately I can't get enough of these colors, especially when they're together.
                                       via                                                       via    
                          via                                               via
                          via                                             via
                           via                                           via
                  via                                                    via
                         via                                                      via
                   via                                via                                     via

So there you have it.  I've never given very much thought to photography before, but the more I look through these and play with Pinterest, the more intrigued I am to become a student of the craft.  

Hope you have a beautiful weekend.  And I sincerely hope our neighbors to the east are spared and kept safe.


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