Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wonder Where the Term "Nose to the Grindstone" Comes From.

Have you noticed I've been uncharacteristically quiet?

All of our staff members were talking about it today while busily sewing vintage grain sack pillows, herbal therapy wraps and eye pillows.



That just tickles my funny bone. poppies is just me, and I've been sewing so much, I look like this:

Yes, those would be spools of seam binding hanging from my ears - very handy while I'm hand dying the gift ribbon! Crazy busy lady, indeed. Somehow I signed myself up for two Holiday craft fairs on the same day. Thanks to a few good friends, I'm covered, but I'm working like mad to build up inventory.  

Yesterday was eye pillow and herbal therapy wrap day

Today I completed five new vintage grain sack pillow covers, but no photos yet. I'll be listing them on the website in the next few days.  

Time to call it a night.  Enjoy the full moon.  ;-)

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