Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Summer!

Summer, what we've been waiting for so patiently, is here! Now that it's warmer, it's time once again for markets: Flea Markets, Farmers' Markets, Farm Stands! Finding unique varieties of fruits, freshly picked vegetables, and herbs, all ripe and ready to eat is one of the rites of summer.

One of the things I love most about the farmer's market is meeting the hard-working people who grow our food. I love the whole concept of 'farm to table' - if you haven't heard of Outstanding in the Field and their amazing mission, read about it here. When we meet the growers, we remember that we are interconnected. This is such a simple concept, but one that gets lost sometimes in the fast paced world we live.

Another favorite of mine during summer is the flea market. Call it a garage sale, a rummage sale, an estate sale or a yard sale - it is a treasure hunt, pure and simple. My love of the hunt started when I used to go with my parents to farm auctions in rural Wisconsin. I have fond memories of seeing the delight on my mom's face when she won a "mystery box" for $2, and then found inside a shiny silver spoon to add to her collection.

I also remember my dad carrying many an old radio home under his arm, soon to be refurbished in his workroom. How proud he was when I saw him a few weeks later and the darn thing was polished and playing.

I invite you to spend a moment at to see what I've been up to and to enjoy our special savings of $10 off any of our French Style Market Totes, now through August 1st. If you haven't been to your local farmer's market recently, or experienced the thrill of the hunt at the flea market, I urge you to take the time this summer and enjoy these simple pleasures.

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