Friday, August 5, 2011

Turn That Frown Upside Down

I've gotten myself into a bit of a frenzy from hearing so many dark and gloomy headlines this week.  One of the downsides of being a member of the super-sensitive society is that I hold all of this stuff in until I'm ready to burst.  So I'm off to the gym to release some steam - Week 1, Day 3 of my new running program - I'm using this Couch to 5K app to get me going again after not running for gulp...15 years.  So far so good.  The super easy format prompts you verbally when it's time to warm up, run and walk, kind of like having a personal trainer by your side for 30 minutes.
I just looked through my Pinterest board "Makes Me Happy" to help me lighten up a bit as well.  Thought I'd share some of my favorites.  

image source

Incidentally, my current running style is pretty much like that of the baby chick above...Happy Friday everyone, and I hope you have a terrific weekend.


  1. That little duck is priceless!


  2. Oh dear. I really do know the difference between a baby chicken and a baby duck! ;-)

  3. I love these!! fabulous. I'm sticking the shower curtain dog on my desktop. Made me laugh out loud.