Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I don't believe Martha embraces imperfection.

On Sunday while I was doing laundry I thought it would be fun to put out a little survey on poppies' Facebook page. I was curious to see how I measured up on this:  

Do you fold your fitted sheets in the style of 'A', or 'B'?

I have to tell you I was shocked at the responses (and I loved Kimi’s solution “I usually just wash them and put them back on the bed to avoid 'B'"). What really sent me all Fruit Loops was that anyone, much less half of you, could really start with a fitted sheet and end up with ‘A’ above. Oh dear. If any of you visit my little cottage, please do not look behind the doors of the vintage beach locker up in the bedroom!

I'm just in awe of you ‘A’ ladies, but for any of you ‘B’ gals who might like to channel your inner Martha (wink, wink, Cynthia), I found this. I think I’m just going to continue to hide my ball of sheets and remember that here at poppies we “embrace imperfection”.  ;-)

Earlier today I put together Tuesday’s Treasury on Etsy entitled “fresh laundry". As I gathered the pretty listings I was brought back to the times as a little girl my mom would hang our sheets and pj’s on the clothesline and the fresh Midwest breezes would leave them with the sweetest scent.

I think I’m going to have to figure out a way to put a clothesline up in my little yard. I have a big tree to attach one end to, but if I use the most logical place to attach the other end, pj’s and pillowcases will slap anyone in the face who is sitting at the bistro table on the deck. I foresee a challenge.

Do you have a clothesline?

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  1. Yes! I love my clothes line. Everything smells so fresh and nothing needs ironing. That is if it's folded and put away immediately. It makes doing laundry a pleasure.